QuickBooks bookkeeping services and SEO for Chicago small businesses are the bread and butter of Kohli Consulting.   We go way beyond  QuickBooks bookkeeper Help and Training;  we find creative solutions for QuickBooks problems that are not covered in any book or manual.     We do all of this at affordable rates that any Chicago area small business, not-for-profit, or entrepeneur can afford.   

Kohli Consulting provides  Search Engine Optimization services that put Chicago small businesses on the map more effectively and for less money than automated and impersonal SEO services.      The downturn in the global economy has resulted  in a more prominent role for Search Engine Optimization efforts that typically have a better return on investment than traditional marketing techniques.

Our QuickBooks experience includes QuickBooks for Mac and QuickBooks for Windows environments.    Our Small Business Consulting services can help you start a small businesses,  show you how to make money, and how to improve cash flow.    We can help  your business stay afloat in an economic downturn and prosper in better times.

Contact Joe Kohli at 312-550-5813 to learn more about  our Chicago QuickBooks Consultant services, bookkeeper service,  and our Small Business SEO services for Chicago and Evanston businesses, or submit the Contact form.

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